Project Description
A concept for a mobile app that gives Moms the support, guidance, and reassurance they need to be a safer and less stressed drivers. Whether she is picking up her children, packing costumes, lunches, valentines, permission slips, sunscreen, or trying to squeeze in a workout or shopping trip, she is also trying to save money and time and make sure everyone is safe...let's help her by safe too.
The information that could be helpful to relieve Mom’s stress – the phone number of a friend, the best route to avoid construction, the closest gas station -- is often slightly out of reach, as she rushes to pick up her children. If she uses her phone while driving, she endangers herself and others. Too often anticipating the embarrassment of being late or disappointing her children leads her to “text just a little.” Not only is this dangerous, but very stressful.
An app that gives accurate guidance and makes her network of support more accessible in three primary ways.  1. Learns about her weekly schedule by offering to capture data that she looks up. 2. Supports her connection to the people who can help in specific circumstances. 3. Compiles accurate feedback about her successes, reassures her when nothing needs to be done, and gently motivates her to be a safer driver.
User Research 
Parents are deluged with information from the school in emails, handouts, and newsletters both print and  online.
 •   Driving, dropping off and picking up, on a time schedule and with the right things  •   packed is a primary activity of the modern day mom.
 •   Children have become "economically worthless but emotionally priceless" leading to an ever-increasing investment of family resources into each childs interests and potential. Pricing the priceless child by Viviana A. Rotman Zelizer
 •   Parents are spending more time on their childrens’ activities, in part as a strategy for getting into a better college. Valerie Ramey, co-author of the Brooking InstituteStudy "The Rug Rat Race,"  said "I was shocked to find moms with graduate degrees who had quit their jobs because they needed more time to drive their children to activities"
Moms are focused on taking care of their own children but unaware of how unsafe their driving is when they are distracted.
 •   Urban sprawl also adds miles to errands; one study shows women spend more time driving than eating.
What Mom wants...
 •   Enjoy time with her friends
 •   Get emotional support
 •   Pick up kids on time
 •   Drive safely
 •   Know about construction and other factors that affect driving time
 •   Get help
 •   Avoid embarrassment of being late especially in eyes of teachers and caregivers
 •   Be relieved of unimportant details
 •   Stay focused on what she’s doing.
 •   Have permission slips, costumes, lunch, water bottles, sunscreen…whatever the kids are supposed to have .

Storyboard of Mom as distracted driver
Storyboard of Mom trying to enjoy lunch with friends
Wireframe and Mockup
The concept is an interface that is as safe as possible by offerring the minimum options. This screen is what would be displaying while Mom is driving to a weekly scheduled destination. Her only options are ask for backup (from Contacts she has chosen) or cancel. The "ask for backup" takes almost 50% of the screen so that she doesn't have to take her eyes off the road.
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