To help Micro Farms Colorado reach their Kickstarter funding goal, my strategy was to create compelling visuals that would be shared and would move others to support their campaign by integrating dozens of reasons into one cohesive Infographic. The outcome was that Micro Farms exceeded their goal by $775, gaining the final $6100 after the implementation of my designs.
Micro Farms Kickstarter campaign was stalled at less than $14,000 with 12 days to go; as an all-or-nothing campaign, they would get zero dollars unless they reached their goal of $20,000. They needed to extend their message beyond their base, make the benefits concrete, and move people to act. Because Micro Farms has many beneficial aspects (turning lawns to gardens, delivering fresh vegetables, educating a new generation of urban farmers, etc) there wasn’t one concise message to motivate action.
I simplified the goal to only promote the value of Community Supported Agriculture with the strategy that the people who were most likely to donate in the next 10 days would be strong believers in CSA; the assumption was that people who were not already proponents would not be converted in only 10 days. The Infographic served as a reminder of all the good reasons that a proponent already believed but now to take action.  

Secondly, the Infographic was divided into five reasons so that it could be cut up into 5 chunks for a countdown to the last day, therefore creating reinforcement of the message while also creating unique posts.
Steps I took:
* Tested focused approach on small group on
* Gathered supporting infographics and articles
* Synthesized facts into an information hierarchy that would be easily scanned in an online environment.
* Wrote the copy for the Infographic
* Choose fonts and colors to communicate the information hierarchy.
* Created Infographic in Illustrator
* Shared files in Dropbox, Pinterest, and Evernote
* Created schedule for Facebook posts and Kickstarter updates.
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