Project Description
Elphie, the photobook Elf is a mobile app that uses the “magic” of auto-tagging to assemble the iPhone-addicted-Mom’s photos into mini-photobooks that she can quickly share several times a month…and prepares the photos and memories to be easily assembled into a keepsake printed book for a milestone birthday or occasion.
Modern Moms have lots of unsorted photos with that can become duplicated easily when uploaded. Saving photos into albums or folders can “hide” them when she goes to assemble a photobook. 
Our smartphones know a lot about what is happening for any particular phone – where we are, what day it is, even the faces in the photos. But if the tagging was specific to her family (like I have two children whose names and birthdays are…) the app makes photo books that are automatically meaningful to her. Elfie will offer to assemble a book for example, when Elphie notices that she took many several pictures on Dec 24, "he" can offer to make it a Christmas Eve book. But since the photos are tagged, not put in folders, they won't get hidden into a folder.
User Research 
Through observation and interviews we identified two primary styles of organizing and sharing photos. Marci is a “Trickler.” She likes to take a lot of small steps toward organization, likes to have prompts and suggestions to post frequently without a major layout step.  Deanna is a “Ta Da-er.” She like to keep her photos to herself until she has had time to format them just how she wants them. Elfie has compatible but distict paths for both of these types.

Moms bounce back and forth from minor crisis to a slightly bored several times a day. Therefore, any suggestions or gamification of the photo process must be easy to dismiss. When Mom realizes she is late to meet her Kindergartener at the bus, she won’t want to be interrupted by a nagging prompt to share  photos.

Visual Inspiration for Elfie
Storyboard for Elfie
Start with Mom’s current habits: shooting a lot of photos, “playing” on her phone while waiting for her kids at swim lessons etc, posting to Facebook and Instagram. Secondly, instead of presenting the idea of tagging in a generally phrased tutorial, Elphie  assembles her photos into the preview books where she can understand…”Oh, if I tell it more about my life, it will give me better books.”
User Flow
Tapflow for Daily use of Elfie
Wireframe for Preview Screen
Screen Mockups
Mock ups for Elfie
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