Problem: Clothes that are too clean to put in the hamper but too dirty to hang up or fold get piled on the back of a chair or floor. Then you forget to wash them, the pile grows, and your favorite clothes are wrinkled or dirty when you reach for them.
Solution: Over-the-door hooks with the tongue-in-cheek title of Clirty – a marriage of clean and dirty – provide a visible, neat way to keep your favorite clothes available between washings.
Why it works:
·         These clothes are our favorites; that’s why we like to have them close at hand.
·         Starts with how we really do things and requires only a simple change to the habit.
·         Clothes are still visible to remind you to wash them.
·         No installation hassles
·         Cheery and humorous presence is a lighthearted acceptance of human habits rather than nagging.
Design detail:
·         Bright but simple colors and font create a playful but up-to-date look.
·         Powdercoat gives it an finished and elegant appearance.
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