When was your last period? Or... " often and how painful?  What's the dosage of that medication you take? Many woman struggle getting a proper diagnosis or identifying the patterns that might validate treatment or effectiveness of healthy habits. 
The Catcher app lets you capture these facts quickly as they happen so that your physician can really help you. The facts are stored in Evernote so that your data isn't locked inside a proprietary app. 
Clickable low-fidelity prototype. Try it!
hand-sketched screens to get feedback
Sketching by hand allows me to get ideas out of my head quickly and into a format that I can share with stakeholders and users. Above, I was able to create a clickable prototype using Adobe Xd's prototype feature. I took pictures of my screen using my phone, shared them to my desktop, dropped them into Xd and added hotspots...all in about an hour.  Below, I put the screens on a flowchart to help stakeholders understand the proposed flow. By giving two views of the hand-drawn screens, I was able to provide two perspectives in a short amount of time and able to gather lots of feedback before I spent time refining the visuals.

Hand-sketched screens arranged to demonstrate the flow
Visual Design
I created a custom illustration for the background of the app so that I would have the flexibility to show and hide specific layers to create a sense of progressing through a path.  Owls are perceived as cute but also wise, lending the ideal voice to a subtle coach, encouraging the user in recording events often in order to have a greater sense of control over her health. Owls are also part of the nighttime landscape which creates a context for showing moon phases which might help if the symptoms are linked to her monthly cycle.   

Custom illustration for screen background, created in Illustrator.

Screens with palette and typography applied
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